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Vis-a-vis Light Studio


2 North Drive

DLF Chattarpur Farms

New Delhi 





11th October

Invite Only 


Public Day


12th October

4 PM - 9 PM

Music Guest


13th October

4 PM - 9 PM

Music Guest


14th October

4 PM - 9 PM


Driven by passion, integrity, commitment and creativity in a short span of 10 years, vis à vis India Pvt. Ltd., has become one of the leading companies providing integrated lighting and specialized outdoor décor & lifestyle solutions. The first point of difference by vis à vis was selling lighting as a conceptual and creative tool rather than a box of luminaires. That single-focused differential has now become an industry mantra. vis à vis then forayed into an outdoor décor portfolio with the approach of making the outdoors liveable with specialist outdoor furniture and accessories.


The new center in Delhi is the start of yet another ground-breaking move for vis à vis. As the largest application center in the world, not only does their space showcase the latest in lighting technology and outdoor living solutions but also shows them in innovative and creative ways designed to inspire the viewer. The aim is to provide a space where architects and interior designers can come to understand lighting technology and experience the concepts first-hand in a customized setting.

In addition, 3,000 sq ft of the 14,000sq ft total indoor space is dedicated to an architecture and design gallery to host a range of design events. This space will be a catalyst in bringing together great minds from the art, design and architecture industry. The experience center has been created with the aim of being a true design destination where the whole design community can come to experience the best in art, design and technology.



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