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Reflections of Society

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From Aristotle to Dante, from Ponticus to the Catholic Church, there are many different historical origins and representations of the Seven Sins. Over many millennia, these philosophies have evolved into the seven sins we know now; lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Representations and interpretations of these ideas have permeated all forms of media like academia, film, painting, and manga to name a few. Through this exhibit, our aim is to showcase the diaspora of art and culture, coming together to represent the melting pot of our fragmented society, through representations of the seven sins. Using various media BlackCube aims to create an all-encompassing visual and sensory experience to unearth an ongoing narrative that is usually hidden below the surface.


BlackCube proposes to build this interactive experience by bringing together a group of young, emerging artists, along with Indian contemporaries to create several immersive art installations. This exhibition is a platform for our artists to hold a mirror up to our community and reflect on the evolution of the modern seven sins present in our society today. The exhibition will consist of standalone rooms and virtual reality spaces, where a viewer will be able to experience the constant struggle experienced by humankind to conceptualize a system that operationalizes their spiritual shortcomings. The artists will materialize their representation of our theme, heavily referring to the youth of our country, and it’s struggling narrative. Media of works will range from installations, light and sound, and even virtual reality. Through our network of artists, sponsors, influencers and art lovers we hope to bring to light a concept is universally recognized as biblical but has even referenced by Mahatma Gandhi as the seven things will eventually destroy us.



Hyper Reality Studio (HRS), by Rahul Dutta is a design studio that specializes in ideation, visualization, creation and implementation of all manner of experiences using different technologies, platforms, and realities. We provide end-to-end services from initial planning to final execution as well as additional services like consultancy, sourcing and post-launch maintenance. HRS designs develops and brings to fruition immersive experiences that enable new styles and technologies of interaction between people and computers, expanding the vocabulary of design. We create real-world interactions that connect people and engender new ways of living, working, and sharing, making everyday objects and spaces even more dynamic and interactive than the online and digital worlds. HRS pushes the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sensory experiences that are enhanced, rather than supplanted, by technology. With in-studio research and development, we bring together the art of design, and technology to create innovative interactive experiences which Increase productivity, are cost-effective and increase information retention. We are also setting up a sophisticated hardware and interaction design lab and experience center.


HRS virtual reality experience booths will be operating throughout the venue, stop by for a personalized VR encounter.


Life today has become a celebration. Be it birthdays, vacations, family get-togethers to weddings, we love to capture every special moment. Our phone boasts of umpteen beautiful memories but unfortunately, these pictures don't come to life. 

The phono-graphers are busy individuals who simply don't get time to go through the ordeal of selecting images, securely sharing them with digital printers, collecting prints and consolidating albums on regular individuals. We at Pholio understand this problem and have come out with a solution that makes your life simpler & easy. Pholio removes all these pain points and provides a convenient platform for users where they can set preferences and customize orders with minimal manual intervention. It allows users to select images stored in their phone's galleries and have those prints delivered to their homes on a monthly basis. This further enables users to create and maintain tangible photography portfolios and showcase their photos the way they are meant to be admired.


Visit the Pholio installation at Black Cube to experience pictures that come to life, learn about the app and much more!



In Greek Mythology, when the Titan, Prometheus, stole fire from the heavens and gave it to the humans, Zeus, the king of the gods, vowed to exact his revenge on mankind. He created the most beautiful woman, Pandora (meaning all-gifts) and sent her to earth to be wed to Prometheus’ brother, Epimetheus. As a wedding gift, he sent the couple a small box but while handing them the key, he warned them never to open it. Time passed and their curiosity grew, and finally one day Pandora stole the key from her husband and opened the box. Unfortunately for humanity, out of the box flew every kind of trouble that people in the golden age had never known, sickness, worry, crime, and the seven sins. Pandora’s attempts to re-seal the box were futile and she became distraught as the box corrupted society around her. However, the last thing to fly out of the box was not as horrific as the others, rather it was beautiful. It was something that Zeus had sent to keep people going, even when plagued by the sins, something that keeps our society moving forward even now.


It was Hope.


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